Who We Are

The journey with female-led businesses began in 2014 when Amy Doyle established a network for female entrepreneurs through her employer. 

Amy quickly realised that It’s not just about practical barriers; it’s also the emotional and psychological hurdles that women face in business. The existing support systems for startups often don’t align with the types of businesses women initiate or the complex lives they lead while nurturing their ventures.

Through connection and collaboration, Amy learned that she was not alone in these struggles. Many women in the business world struggle with extra challenges and building success due to barriers outside thier control. She gave special attention to the value in other women’s experiences and the professional services they provided that could help other women overcome the hurdles.

Now, The Lark Network is building a community that sees many female business owners come together to help each other work towards success.

Company Objectives

Our Vision

At The Lark Network, we envision a thriving community where female entrepreneurs and business owners from Portsmouth and the surrounding areas come together to succeed in their businesses while embracing their unique life situations. Our vision is to empower these women, break down barriers, and create an environment where every member finds inspiration and opportunities within a vibrant network of like-minded professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze the growth and success of female-led businesses through tailored support, collaboration, and personal and professional development. We curate a supportive ecosystem addressing the specific challenges women face in entrepreneurship. Through networking events, mentoring, and strategic guidance, we empower our members to flourish in both business and life.

Our Goals

Our primary goals involve cultivating a dynamic network of female entrepreneurs, granting them access to vital resources and mentorship. We're dedicated to dismantling the barriers that hinder women's entrepreneurial journeys and to progress our services to meet their evolving needs, expanding our reach and impact. Ultimately, we aim to see every woman in our community thrive and succeed in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Amy Doyle

I firmly believe that the journey of learning is an ongoing one. In 2002, I graduated from SOAS with a degree in Comparative Religion, setting the foundation for a path of continuous growth and transformation.

Following a brief period in Education IT support, I pursued my PGCE in 2005, embarking on an eight-year journey as a secondary school teacher.

The pivotal shift in my career occurred in 2013 when I felt the need to create space in my life for my children. This decision led to a change in career and gave birth to the Female Entrepreneurs Network, a community I founded to empower women in business.

As I embraced this new adventure, I found myself back at University, this time as a part-time student, studying for an LLM in Law. In 2018, I graduated with merit, a testament to my commitment to learning, even while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood and work.

My academic background in Comparative Religion instilled in me a deep appreciation for equality and diversity, values that have grown stronger through my work with women in business. There’s an undeniable sense of inspiration and fulfillment that comes from collaborating with women-led startups.

Being in a room filled with women sharing their unique ideas is a remarkable experience. It’s a privilege to be a part of their journey towards success, offering guidance and support along the way

The Lark Network CIC is a registered with Companies House as a Community Interest Company, registration no. 13439052.