At The Lark Network, we’re passionate about fulfilling our mission to catalyze the growth and success of female-led businesses. One of the pivotal ways we do this is through our dynamic networking experiences. We recognize that entrepreneurship can sometimes be a solitary journey, with unique challenges that require a supportive community. Our networking events are designed to foster these connections, offering a platform for female entrepreneurs in Portsmouth, UK, to come together, exchange insights, and build lasting relationships.

Our goal is to create an environment where women in business not only find inspiration but also discover opportunities for personal and professional development. Through networking, we aim to break down the barriers that can hinder entrepreneurial journeys, whether they are practical, emotional, or psychological. We believe in the power of collective knowledge and collaboration. Our events are a testament to this belief, providing a space where our members can share their experiences, support one another, and explore innovative opportunities for their businesses. We invite you to join us on this empowering journey, connecting with like-minded professionals who understand the unique dynamics of female-led businesses. Together, we can make the entrepreneurial path less challenging and more rewarding.

Startup Sunday Networking

At Lark, we believe in forging connections that go beyond business. Our approach to networking isn’t about quick pitches or high-pressure sales tactics; it’s about providing genuine support for you as an individual.

Startup Sunday is designed to create a space where authentic conversations flourish, allowing you to organically build your own network of like-minded professionals. We understand the juggling act that many entrepreneurial women face, where balancing family and business can be a challenge. That’s why we warmly welcome children at our events, creating an inclusive atmosphere where you don’t have to choose between your business aspirations and your family. Our gatherings are held at the Southsea Library, offering a nurturing environment for both you and your little ones. We provide a range of engaging activities and snacks to keep the ‘Little Larks’ happy while you connect with fellow entrepreneurs. We’re also grateful to our current sponsor:
Marvellous Fabulous Projects CIC, for their support in making Startup Sunday a vibrant and enriching experience.

Networking Buddy Service

We understand that networking can be a daunting experience. Walking into a room full of strangers and introducing yourself can be challenging, especially when you’re striving to make a lasting impression for your business. At Lark, we’ve got you covered with our Networking Buddy Service.

As your dedicated networking companion, Lark Founder Amy will join you at networking events, providing an invaluable bridge to help you navigate the room with confidence. Amy will not only introduce you to her connections but also ensure you always have someone to engage in meaningful conversations with. To kickstart this collaborative journey, the service includes a 30-minute introductory Zoom call (or an in-person meeting if you’re local to Southsea). This initial conversation serves as an opportunity for you to get to know Amy and vice versa. By learning more about your business and your networking objectives in advance, Amy can tailor her support to best suit your needs. Pricing for the Networking Buddy Service varies based on the event type and location, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all our members.